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Welcome to my blog. A description of my background.


This marks the start of my blog. I’m going to talk about my experience as a developer. Please bear with me as I get setup to share my articles. This is my first time writing a blog, and all of the related blogging tools are new to me.

What am I going to be sharing

I’m going to be sharing my experience as a developer, and the things I’ve learned along the way. I’m going to be writing about whatever interests me in the space of programming and technology. I’m looking to share some unique ideas about how to use tools in new ways. In the comming weeks I’ll be sharing about modeling graph relationships in DynamoDB, using X-Ray to gain insight into application performance, and using X-Ray as a tool for sparse structured logging with applications using the analysis of stuctured logs for testing.

My background

I’m an alumni of Michigan Technological University in Houghton, Michigan. My bachelors was in Mathematics and Computer Science. I have an interest in applied mathematics and modeling with engineering application. I’ve worked on thermal modeling software for the automotive industry, computational photography, credit card processing backends, and most recently I’ve been working for the Brand Registry at Amazon helping Brands protect the intellectual property and grow their business.

My programming interests include working with new type systems for writing safer, more efficient code. I’m a fan of generic programming, and using type traits to describe the behavior of types in a 1st class way. I have a lot of love for the C++ programming language. Unfortunately, I think it puts a very large burden on new developers. It’s not an easy language for many. Working at Amazon has swayed me to want to work with more simple languages. Languages that take care of developers and make building things easy! At some point I’ll be sharing about some of the interesting things I’ve found in my favorite languages.

The opinions shared in this blog are my own and not the views of my employer.



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